Alife Design’s Stylish, practical and long lasting luggage tags help find your luggage at a glance. Ideal for the golf bag, in cabin bag, kids luggage or that bag you checked in as you have to much to take on board on that budget aircraft we all now have to travel on.

You know that when it comes time to collect your luggage that it could turn into a chaotic mess. Sometimes you find that your luggage is missing completely, or you get home and realize that you have taken the wrong bag by mistake.

This is a great gift for those who are frequent travelers and have a tendency to forget which luggage is theirs without having a sign that says “Grab me, I’m yours!” above the bag going around the carousel.

Vibrant colors to choose from

  • C-Blue
  • Rose
  • Red
  • W-Gray
  • Yellow

Size: 25cm l x 3.7cm w

These make great stocking fillers for Christmas