WhiteTraveller Tea Towel

Pony Rider White Traveller Tea-Kin (tea towel)

Pony Rider

$39.00 $25.00

Simple & clean. Perfect for the minimalist in the house.

These will look great draped across the laps of your friends as you dine on a home cooked meal.

They’ll look equally as fabulous hanging from your cooker, ready for when you need to pull dessert from the oven.

HOWEVER, what is a Tea-kin you might ask? Well Pony Rider thought they should make a hybrid size between a tea towel and a napkin. Genius we know!

Size: 50cm x 60cm

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Essential information

Cotton linen (natural). Inks are UV resistant. Machine washable in cold water. Subject to variation in finish due to being handmade. Printing is generally distressed.

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